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Computer Basics

You probably can’t find a more comprehensive basic computer course anywhere than at Ekwik. At least we teach you what the world needs in you. Learn the basics of computer, which includes

  • MS-Office
  • Tally
  • Internet Browsing
  • Emailing
  • To identify business models

We are proud that our students get placement after joining the customized computer courses from us. Many of us want to go for a job but lack MS office skills like working on a document, using a spreadsheet and creating a presentation. We also include some basic courses related to internet navigation like cloud computing, social media, blogging, bookmarking, and more.

Operating a computer can be fun, tricky, or problematic. It all depends on how good you have hands-on the machine. We make sure that our students learn the best things which are as per the market trends and updates. So, it’s time to pump up your basic computer skills and go for a market-leading and cutting-edge computers course.

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