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Digital Marketing

In this digital world, we all want to be a walking digital encyclopedia. Isn’t it? But how many of us have learnt the core digital techniques which help us to be a digital expert in a short time? The answer is only a few of us. Your enrolment in our digital marketing course will enable to encash your knowledge in the future.
Make it a mission now and know what you can learn in digital marketing to spread the wings of knowledge in a world which needs you.

Google Adwords and Analytics: Our experts will teach you to take advantage of online advertising. You can attract more customers to your business. Learn from the industry experts, work on case studies, and live projects. We provide a hands-on workshop that gives you a specialization in the area of Google advertising. All you need to set aside a few hours from your day and learn from the best trainers to succeed with Google ads. From Google ads fundamentals to search for advertising to display advertising to mobile advertising to video advertising to shopping advertising and more, we teach all modules. So, without a hitch, take a thought and enroll for the digital marketing course.

Affiliate Marketing: Now a days to make money online, there are thousands of online business ideas.It is not a rocket science, and the best way to start making money online is to start with whatever you are already working. To make money online you need to craete something that people need. Digital marketing is the best platform to make money online and Ekwik IT Training is helping more than 100+ students to earning 5000 rupees per month just by putting 2 hours everyday. After completing the course of Digital Marketing, you can earn more than 10,000 by sitting at home. This course is very useful for housewives and studenst as well, who stay at home and are in distance learning having approx 3 to 4 hours.

Social Media Marketing: Just imagine life without facebook likes or Instagram stories or tweets takedown. Without them, do you have anything to share socially? Of course, not. Our social media marketing tips will prepare you with tactics that can deliver amazing insights. We train people with our tried and tested techniques that will never go flat throughout your career. You can unleash your marketing potential with social media marketing, content marketing, working on paid campaigns, and taking complete charge to accelerate your career growth.

SEO: Search engine optimization will help you boost your rankings on Google. Increase inbound traffic from search engines constructively. It is necessary to learn SEO because every brand is fighting hard to stay at the top of Google. Our course will teach you to optimize your website in the best way. We will teach you the actionable skills that will cover all the basic knowledge and techniques to do SEO for any website. We will teach you more about the organic listings, paid search ads, site feeds, vertical search results, metasearch engines and search aggregators, algorithms change, keyword selection, keyword placement opportunities, and more. Our experts have years of experience and will teach you about ranks, indexed pages, inbound and outbound links, historical conversions, site optimization, on-page and off-page factors, and more.

More basics: Apart from SEO, we will teach you the basics of search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, organic web search ranking factors, blended search ranking factors, paid placements, social and mobile web, SEO and PR and more.

Blogging: These days blogging about products and services make your brand. Writing more about them increase conversions. We teach you the actionable skills that prepare you to work on a blog that converts readers into loyal buyers. It is an extended form of content that requires content writing and copywriting skills. We teach you how to share well-written, quality information that makes you stand out from your competitors. Building a relationship with your readers even when you are not physically present, there is a technique which only a few can master. We will teach you to increase your blog’s presence by doing SEO and working on SERP.