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Online Examination System

The education sector is evolving every minute; all the areas of this sector has something new to come up with. All the innovation takes place for efficiency and better results. Online Examination System is one of the major areas to work upon. Ekwik presents its online examination platform which enables examination like never before. It is simple, secure, and efficient, which can easily plug-in to your system. Following are the types of modules available in our system:

Entrance Examination: It is available to manage the complete process to manage entrance starting from online registration until result declaration.

Semester Examination: Our system is capable of conducting various academic exams, and it can be defined as per requirement. It is a hassle-free solution which saves a lot of time and administration cost.

Aptitude Level Test: This module is worthwhile to gauge aptitude level of an individual.

Subjective Examination This feature enables to conduct subjective exams where a student will write the answer, and the examiner can evaluate the same from any location, online.

Preparation tool To prepare students for any competitive or final exam, this helps in preparation of same and share personalized feedback and analysis of every individual performance.

Ekwik Online examination system helps in designing, scheduling, and delivery of tests where quick and accurate results with analytics and reporting feature give a seamless working experience.

How It works

  • Make and organize your content for students
  • Define your question paper and create your own rules for assessment
  • Schedule your question paper, students and center for examination
  • Manage attendance and monitor live examination
  • Publish results
  • Get reports and analysis
  • Customization available based our your needs
  • SMS & Email gateway integration

Give wings to your examination process with our apt-secure and cost-effective solution.

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